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Triangle Screwdriver Set

This item is a great gift for anyone who likes to tinker around the house! This handy screwdriver set gives you 4 screwdriver heads in one handy tool that fits in your pocket! This is a great promotional tool for construction companies, car repair shops, and even factories. Choose from our available colors, which can be personalized with your company name and logo!. product_item_size : 7x6.4x1.5cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing: 1pc/polybag,50pcs/inner box,250pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White with red| White with blue. decoration_areas : 2x0.7cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 9.5/8 Meas.: 34 30 21cm Packing: 1pc/polybag,50pcs/inner box,250pcs/ctn.

22pcs Tool Kit

This item is perfect for the ultimate handy man! This sleek 22-piece tool kit allows you to perform a whole range of repairs, without taking up a lot of storage space! Prominently display your company business name and logo on the wide surface of the case, for maximum exposure. Truly a covet-worthy promotional tool!. product_item_size : 22x16x2.7cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1set/polybag/white box,30. colours_available_supplier : Black. decoration_areas : 10x6cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:18/17 Meas.:51x24x30cm Packing:1set/polybag/white box,30sets/ctn.

Multifunctional Tape Measure

This multifunctional tape measure is a useful promotional gifting option to give to customers in the construction, interior design, furniture, and even fashion industries. This item features a wide area, where your company logo can be printed on them. Browse from our selection of designs and functionalities, and find the perfect tape measure for you! . product_item_size : 8x6x2.4cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing: 1pc/polybag/white box, 25pcs/inner box, 200pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Black. decoration_areas : 3x3cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 18/17 Meas.: 40x40x35cm Packing: 1pc/polybag/white box, 25pcs/inner box, 200pcs/ctn.

Tire Shaped Tool Set

This item is sure to make your car-crazy customers excited! This tire shaped tool set comes in a fun tire-shaped case that is a great promotional product for the automotive industry. It's a fun novelty that will surely make your brand stand out, by getting market exposure for your company logo and business details!. product_item_size : 16x16x6cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing: 1set/white box, 30. colours_available_supplier : Black with Silver. decoration_areas : 3.5x3.5cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 21/20 Meas.: 52x33.5x35cm Packing: 1set/white box, 30sets/ctn.


This item is the ultimate multi-function plier, and is a great promotional product for the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries! It is sleek and elegantly designed, and is handy but highly functional. It's a must-have for people who love the outdoors, and for companies who want to promote to this market!. product_item_size : 7.0x3.2x1.2 cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing: 1pc/polybag/Nylon pouch, 20pcs/inner box, 120pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Silver. decoration_areas : 2.5x0.5 cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 12.5/12 Meas.: 30x25.5x20.5cm Packing: 1pc/polybag/Nylon pouch, 20pcs/inner box, 120pcs/ctn.

Multi Function Tools Flashlight

Promote your brand by putting it in the hands of people who love to tinker around and repair things! This multi-function flashlight is definitely an excellent promotional product for a whole range of industries, such as construction, design, and even IT! Your customers will surely approve!. product_item_size : dia.4 x 14.8cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/polybag/black box,50pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Black. decoration_areas : 3 x 1.4cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:9.5/8.5 Meas.:29x29x32cm Packing:1pc/polybag/black box,50pcs/ctn.

Folding Reading Light

The folding book light is a reading light that is perfect for people who love to read. It's a great promotional item for publishing companies, and even optical shops! Your logo will surely look great on this item!. product_item_size : 13.4x5.7x3.7cm(closed) 20x10.5x3.7cm(open). product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/poly bag/white box,100pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White with blue. decoration_areas : 4x1cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:10.5/9.5 Meas.:51x34x35cm Packing:1pc/poly bag/white box,100pcs/ctn.

Usb Mini Light

Our USB mini light are handy tools to have during those hot summer days! These high quality promo gift items come in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can choose the perfect one that complements your brand. Your customers will surely love this!. product_item_size : 17x1.8x0.9cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/PVC bag,100pcs/inner box, 400pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White| Blue. decoration_areas : 3x0.7cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:9.2/8 Meas.:45.5x26.5x27.5cm Packing:1pc/PVC bag,100pcs/inner box, 400pcs/ctn.

Extending Lantern Flashlight

Multifunction light with a soft touch rubberised finish which can be used as a flashlight, lantern or flashing safety light. Simply unscrew the top to extend the lantern. Has a handy hook which makes it perfect for camping and staying in huts without electricity. Uses three AAA batteries which are included. A production lead time of 10 - 15 working days applies to this product. Colours: Blue, Black. Dimension: Retracted: H 101mm. Print Description: 32mm x 19mm (two colour max). Print Type: Pad Print. Packing: Gift box. Less than minimum quantities are not available for this item. MOQ applies per colour on this item.

4-In-1 Multifunction Tool

Robust aluminium pocket tool which features a bottle opener, knife and a foldaway LED light. Uses button cell batteries which are included and laser engraves to an oxidised White colour. A production lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product. Colours: Red, Blue, Black. Dimension: W 32mm x H 76mm. Print Description: 9.5mm x 38mm. Print Type: Laser Engraving. Packing: Loose packed. Less than minimum quantities are not available for this item. MOQ applies per colour on this item.

6-In-1 Multifunction Tool

Multifunction tool with a carabiner for attaching to a belt loop or back pack etc. Features an LED light, a bottle and can opener as well as a pen with a soft rubber grip . Uses button cell batteries which are included. A production lead time of 10 - 15 working days applies to this product. Colours: Silver, Blue, Black. Dimension: W 70mm x H 25mm. Print Description: 38mm x 6mm (two colour max). Print Type: Pad Print. Packing: Loose packed. Less than minimum quantities are not available for this item. MOQ applies per colour on this item.

Multi Purpose Knife

Small multifunction knife complete with scissors, a nail file, a tooth pick and a set of tweezers. A production lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product. Colours: Red, Translucent Blue. Dimension: W 57mm x H 19mm. Print Description: 38mm x 9.5mm (one colour). Print Type: Screen Print. Packing: Loose packed. Less than minimum quantities are not available for this item. MOQ applies per colour on this item.

Blaze Flashlight Lantern

A dual purpose flashlight which converts into a lantern. It has a handy wire handle and laser engraves to an oxidised white colour. It runs on three AAA batteries which are not included. Colours: Black. Dimension: Dia 38mm x H 101mm (closed). Print Description: 20mm x 35mm. Print Type: Pad Print. Packing: Individual box.

Magic Lamp

Stunning attention grabbing lamp which really gets noticed due to its novel activation mode. Simply blow firmly into the top of the lamp shade as if blowing out a candle to switch it on or off. The light intensity is fully adjustable and it can be used as a conventional LED lamp or as subdued mood lighting. At the low light setting it will flicker to perfectly simulate soft candle light. Magic Lamp uses three AA batteries which are included and it is supplied in a white box along with instructions for use. Colours: Clear/ Trans Black. Dimension: H 208mm x W 75mm. Print Description: 30mm x 15mm. Print Type: Pad Print . Packing: Individual box.

Beacon COB Wall Light

Powerful battery operated light for illuminating places that do not have lighting or a regular power supply. It has a strong adhesive pad on the back for securing it in place and is ideal for cupboards, wardrobes, outside sheds, huts, horse floats or any place that needs light. Beacon uses radical COB (Chips on Board) technology to produce much more light intensity than conventional lights but draws a lot less current which dramatically increases battery life. Multiple LED diode chips are bonded directly to a circuit board (which is usually yellow) to form an incredibly bright light module. It uses four AAA batteries which are included. Colours: White. Dimension: 100mm x 80mm x 30mm. Print Description: Switch- 10mm x 40mm (top or bottom). Print Type: Pad Print. Packing: Individual box.

Targa Multi Tool Set

Smart seven piece set of black powder coated tools in a compact, pocket size multi-tool. It has five different size Allen keys, a Phillips screwdriver and a conventional screw driver. Colours: White/Silver, Black. Dimension: W 32mm x L 90mm x 15mm. Print Description: 60mm x 12mm. Print Type: Pad Print. Packing: Individual box.

Blaze Magnetic COB Torch

Powerful push button LED (COB) handy torch with magnet for attaching to metal surfaces.COB (Chips On Board) technology produces extremely bright LED light with lower current draw than conventional lighting for longer battery life. Great for emergency use in houses, cars and outdoors. 3AAA batteries included. Packed in white gift box. The ideal product for vehicle sales, service and insurance, marine, tradespeople, utility suppliers and house and building contractors. Colours - White Size - 160 x 17 x 27mm (LxHxD) Decoration Area(s) - Pad Print : 55 x 18mm (LxH)

Magnifying Bookmark

The Magnifying Bookmark is a novel item that bibliophiles will appreciate. This item is a magnifyer, a ruler, and a bookmark, rolled into one! Made from PVC and available in white. product_item_size : 14x3.7cm. colours_available_supplier : White. decoration_areas : 3.5x2.5cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:9kgs Meas:35x25.5x18cm Packing:2500pcs/ctn.

Credit Card Magnifier

The Credit Card Magnifier is a slim sleeve that fits 1 credit card and doubles as a magnifying glass for easy reading. Made from PVC, and available in transparent red or transparent blue. Logo can be digitally printed on front. product_item_size : 8.5x5.5cm. colours_available_supplier : White. decoration_areas : 7x1.8cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:9.5kgs Meas:55.5x24x26cm Packing:1000pcs/ctn.

Magnifying Ruler

The Magnifying Ruler comes in either a 6-inch or 15cm scale, with a built-in magnifyer strip. Made from high quality PS, and available in clear. product_item_size : 16.3x4.5x0.6cm. colours_available_supplier : Clear. decoration_areas : 14x1.5cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:12kgs Meas:48x35x18cm Packing:500pcs/ctn.

Bookmark with Magnifier & Ruler

The Bookmark with Magnifier and Ruler features a round magnifying glass on one tip, a ruler with both metric and inch scales on the body, and a bookmarker on the other end. Made from ABS, and available in red or blue. product_item_size : 11x4.1x0.6cm. colours_available_supplier : Transparent Red|Transparent Blue. decoration_areas : 2.5x1.2cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:11kgs Meas:46x40x23cm Packing:200pcs/ctn.

Big Magnifier With Bookmark

The Big Magnifier with Bookmark is a versatile item that combines a magnifyer, a ruler, and a bookmark, rolled into one! Made from PVC and available in white. product_item_size : 18.8x6.5cm. colours_available_supplier : White. decoration_areas : 4x4cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:10kgs Meas:50x36x18cm Packing:2500pcs/ctn.

Tire Gauge

Material: Aluthe Tire Gauge gives you the ability to check your tyre pressure anytime, anywhere! This item is made from alumina, and is available in silver, red, or blue. product_item_size : 14.8x1cm. colours_available_supplier : Silver|Red|Blue. decoration_areas : 5x0.5cm. freight_description : G/ N Weight: 11.5/11 Meas.: 46x18x26cm Packing: 1pc/polybag,50pcs/inner box,500pcs/ctn.

5 LED Flashlight

The 5 LED Flashlight is made of high quality aluminium and comes in 3 colors: blue, red, and black. 5 LED lights are encased within the item, which can easily be switched on and off by the rubber button at the top. Your logo can either be printed or engraved on the barrel. product_materials : Aluminium. product_item_size : 10.7x1.7cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing: 1pc/bubble bag,100pcs/inner box,300pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Blue|Red|Black. decoration_areas : Imprint Area: 2.5x0.8cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 7.5/7kgsMeas: 32x27x19cmPacking: 1pc/bubble bag,100pcs/inner box,300pcs/ctn.

LED Shoe Light

Stay safe without losing functionality. Our lightweight LED shoe lights clip to the back of your shoes. Pick between a steady or flashing light. you'll be able to run in the early morning or night without worrying about vehicles not seeing you. Forget about having to wear a bulky headlight or belt. product_materials : PP, PVC, Silicone. product_item_size : 88*65*30mm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:100pcs/ctn . colours_available_supplier : white| red| yellow| green| blue| orange| pink| rainbow. freight_description : G/N Weight:9KgsMeas:61.5x25x30cmPacking:100pcs/ctn .

Aluminum UV Ultra Violet Torch

The Aluminium UV Ultra Violet Torch gives you the ability to give objects a closer inspection. Its 365nm UV light is very handy when checking currency, IDs, artwork, glasswork, etc. Made from metal and available in black or gold. product_materials : Metal. product_item_size : 2x10cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/polybag/white box, 360pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Black| Gold. decoration_areas : 1.8x0.5cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:14/13kgsMeas:45.5x24.5x28.5cmPacking:1pc/polybag/white box, 360pcs/ctn.

Card- sized Multi-tool

Everyone wants a pocket knife but sometimes they are just too bulky. Our Card-sized multitool is compact, fits right in your wallet, and still has 18 tools to make your day easier. A few features are a ruler, bottle opener, and screwdriver. Be ready for any occasion and stop spending your time looking around the house for that tool. product_item_size : 8*5.4*0.12cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:200pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Black. freight_description : G/N Weight:8kgs Meas:12x14x20cm Packing:200pcs/ctn.

Everest pocket knife

9 function multi tool. Split ring. Boxed. Product Size: 120 x 28 x 9mm. Product Packing: Boxed. Decoration Size: 25 x 10mm. Decoration Position: On Tool. Decoration Method: Pad Print | Laser Printing. Carton Quantities: 120. Carton Size: 38 x 24 x 16. Carton Weight: 15. Colour: Blue | Charcoal | Gold | Red | Silver

Nero pocket knife

12 functions. Black magnetic box. Product Size: 115 x 50 x 35mm. Product Packing: Boxed. Decoration Size: 9 x 35mm. Decoration Position: Tool. Decoration Method: Pad Print | Laser Printing. Carton Quantities: 80. Carton Size: 38 x 32 x 43. Carton Weight: 16. Colour: Black

Warning sign utility bag

Triangular bag. Torch. Gloves. Jumper leads. Adjustable spanner and pliers. Product Size: 260 x 260 x 260mm. Product Packing: Boxed. Decoration Size: 120 x 70mm. Decoration Position: Bag. Decoration Method: Screen Print. Carton Quantities: 6. Carton Size: 78 x 33 x 30. Carton Weight: 18. Colour: Red
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