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STRS20 Cube Stress Shape

Features: Businesses looking to help clients relieve some stress while aiming to get a wider audience should settle with this stress ball. It comes in a cube shape that‚’s perfcect for any kind of customisation and in colours that easily matches your brand.

STRS21 Phone Holder Ball Stress Shape

Features: Unique and useful phone holder stress ball is a great promotional product. It organizes a desk while also doubling as a stress ball to keep your life in place as well. Sure to impress and increase your brand recall value.

STRS22 Piggy Stress Shape

Features: This stress ball comes in a pig shape and pink to easily erase all those stress and tiredness. Adding cuteness and fun to the usual stress balls. Can be customized with your brand logo.

STRS23 Hat Stress Shape

Features: Stress balls are no longer round. That‚’s proven by this hat-shaped stress ball, which is as effective as traditional ones in terms of relieving stress during a long day.

STRS24 Buffalo Stress Shape

Features: Extraordinary, memorable, and easy to customise. Those qualities are present in this buffalo-shaped stress ball. Great to get the attention your desire.

STRS25 Car Stress Shape

Features: This mini car shaped stress ball is a great promotional giveaway for any company dealing with vehicles and transport. Brand it with your company logo or message to get an edge over your competitors.

STRS26 Cow Stress Shape

Features: This cute foam cow stress ball can give all the help it can to relieve some stress from your day to day activities. It has ample of imprint space to promote your brand.

STRS27 Bull Stress Shape

Features: This bull shape stress ball is perfect as a promotional giveaway for any business ranging from stock market to food. With enough printing area your brand is sure to get noticed.

STRS28 Pill Stress Shape

Features: Perfect for any medical supplies company or anyone in the health care industry, this pill shaped stress ball is great giveaway. Customize with your brand to get even more attention. Available in variety of colours.

STRS29 Safety Helmut Stress Shape

Features: Give your employees or customers these cute safety helmet shaped stress ball with your brand imprinted on it. Suitable for any company in the construction industry.

STRS30 Sumo Stress Shape

Features: Made from quality PU foam this unique Sumo shaped stress ball is sure to impress whomever you give it to. Not only does it work as a stress ball but also a cute desk show piece

STRS31 Sports Car Stress Shape

Features: This sports car shaped stress ball can help you get through a long day be it at work or in school. Has ample of print area at the front as well as back to brand your logo or message.

STRS32 Heart Stress Shape

Features: Brand your company logo on this heart shaped stress ball to express your concern to your clients. It is made with superior PU material, is wonderful for relieving tension and pent up frustration. Available in red colour

STRS33 Cricket Ball Stress Shape

Features: Cricket Ball Stress Balls are fun and unique promotional and merchandise products that are ideal for sports related companies. They can be custom printed with your companies information and business logo.

STRS34 Oval Stress Shape Keyring

Features: This oval shaped stress ball is a wonderful giveaway. One good thing is that this stress ball comes with a key ring that can be easily attached to a bag or belt to relieve some burden when it hits you.

STRS36 Bone Stress Shape

Features: Dog lovers would surely get impress with these bone shaped stress balls. Great for pet stores, veterinary clinics, and animal hospitals to give away with their brand imprinted on the same

STRS41 Earth Stress Shape

Features: This earth shaped stress ball is an exciting giveaway option at any promotional or marketing event. It can be easily customized with your company logo or message

STRS42 Anatomical Heart Stress Shape

Features: This Anatomical Heart Shaped stress ball is prefect for any company in the medical industry. It would not only act as a great promotional giveaway but also benefit your clients release stress

STRS43 Ambulance Stress Shape

Features: This ambulance shaped stress reliever is great for hospitals to give out important details. It has a large print area on the roof which is ideal to fit your logo and contact details.

STRS44 Chilli Stress Shape

Features: This red chilli shaped stress ball is ideal for any company in the food industry. Can be easily customized with your brand. Made from high quality PU foam.

STRS46 Rugby Ball Stress Shape

Features: This stress ball comes in a rugby ball shape and is available in red, blue, and black among other colours. Customize with your brand and be assured to impress all your sports fans.

STRS47 Iphone Stress Shape

Features: This iphone shaped stress ball is fun and unique at the same time. Phone companies can give these iphones customized with their brand at any promotional event to get the attention they desire.

STRS48 Tennis Ball Stress Shape

Features: Sports is a great way to relieve stress, but if time won‚’t permit playing, this stress ball is as effective as any sport in removing stress. A great giveaway at any sporting or promotional event

STRS49 House Stress Shape

Features: Get creative with this house shaped stress ball. Ideal for real estate companies amd builders to promote their brand. Can be used as a desk show piece as wel.

STRS50 Bus Stress Shape

Features: This yellow and blue, bus shaped stress ball has plenty of imprint area to highlight your brand. Not only will the kids love it but will be a big hit with the adults.

STRS51 Light Bulb Stress Shape

Features: This light bulb shaped stress ball make excellent promotional giveaways for any kind of marketing events. Promote your company by imprinting your brand logo on this attractive yellow colour stress balls.

STRS55 Moon Stress

Features: Stress relieving will be as easy as 1-2-3 with this plush toy. It made from quality materials to ensure long term use at the office or at home.

STRS56 Rocket Ship Stress Toy

Features: Blast away stress with this Rocket-shaped stress toy. It is available in grey and can be customised by printing on its surface.

SIWB14 Slap Wrist Band

Features: This slap wristband is convenient to use and fits all wrist sizes. Customize with your brand to add the fun element to your promotional activity.

SIWB33 Insect Repellant Silicon Wristband

Features: This silicone wristband comes with an insect repellant for you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about insects like mosquitoes. Available in multiple colours for both adult and kids sizes.
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