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Metro business card holder

Business card holder with black leather look and metal trim. Holds up to 20 cards. Boxed. Material: Leather Look. Colours: Black/Silver. Decoration Area: 45 x 7mm. Carton Size: 46 x 30 x 36cm

5pcs Manicure set

You can take this handy set with you everywhere you go. Tweezers, a nail file, a pair of scissors and a mirror packed in imitation leather pouch. Material: Imitation Leather. Colours: Black. Decoration Area: 30 x 30mm. Carton Size: 29 x 23.5 x 30.5cm

7pcs Personal care kit

Make sure you always look your best. This set includes a mirror, tweezers, a nail clipper, a toe nail clipper, a pair of scissors, a nail file and a cuticle tool. The set comes in a handy non-woven zippered nylon pouch. Stainless steel. Material: Stainless|Nylon. Colours: Black. Decoration Area: 40 x 55mm. Carton Size: 32.8 x 29.5 x 52.5cm

Business card holder

Solid, quality metal casing finished in sophisticated chrome. Holds up to 10 cards. Boxed. Material: Chrome. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 84 x 46mm. Carton Size: 53.5 x 26.5 x 39cm

Aluminium name badge

Aluminium face with strong magnetic clip. Blank insert allows for name personalisation. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 45 x 9mm. Carton Size: 43 x 32 x 24cm

Deluxe travel set

Smart designed anodised steel multi function alarm clock and luggage tag set. Gift boxed. Material: Anodised Steel. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: Clock 45 x 15mm | Tag 60 x 15mm. Carton Size: 47 x 30 x 17cm

Executive travel set

Exclusive zinc alloy set with luggage lock and luggage tag, packed in tin case with black EVA insert. Material: Zinc. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: Tag 50 x 15mm | Lock 10 x 10mm | Tin 60 x 45mm. Carton Size: 28 x 24 x 32cm

Travel comfort set

Includes, earplugs, eye cover and inflatable neck cushion in pouch. Colours: Grey. Decoration Area: Pouch: 40 x 100mm | Mask: 22 x 50mm. Carton Size: 49 x 35 x 35cm

Premium weather forecast station

Full colour display forecast weather function snooze alarm clock, temp display in C/F, indoor thermometer 0c-50c, digital hygrometer 20%-95%, max/min memory for thermometer and hygrometer, 12 hour thermometer, colour LED backlight. Silver gift box. Two AA batteries included. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: Top 45 x 7mm | Bottom 45 x 45mm. Carton Size: 54 x 46 x 17cm

Orbit Pen Holder Clock

Aluminium cover with time, date, week, temperature display, alarm and snooze function. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 40 x 40 mm. Carton Size: 51.5 x 41.5 x 25cm

Desktop weather clock

This weather station LED alarm clock displays time, day of the week, date, temperature, humidity and weather trend. Colours: Grey/Silver. Decoration Area: 50 x 7mm. Carton Size: 44.5 x 27 x 32cm

Digi-Desk caddy

Stylish office accessory combines desktop storage and business card holder, with a handy clock, thermometer and day/date display. Colours: Silver, Black. Decoration Area: 60 x 15mm. Carton Size: 30.2 x 21 x 31.5cm

Name badge with magnetic back

Perfect for conferences. Clear name badge with removable insert and magnetic backing attachment. Colours: Clear. Decoration Area: 90 x 55mm. Carton Size: 36 x 20.5 x 45.5cm

Sensor clock

Sensor desk clock with unique colour changing touch display. Perpetual calendar, temperature, 12/24hr time, three AAA batteries included, Boxed. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 60 x 20mm. Carton Size: 57 x 46 x 26cm

Luxor compact mirror

High quality nickel finish in velvet pouch. Material: Nickel. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 40mm diameter. Carton Size: 38 x 33 x 21cm


Premium quality, nickel plated. Gift boxed. Material: Nickel Plated. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 15 x 10mm. Carton Size: 41 x 31 x 38cm

Compact light mirror

Complete with an automatic built in light, silver casing. Boxed. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 40 x 40mm. Carton Size: 49 x 33 x 22cm

Multi purpose lanyards

20mm wide flat polyester with multi cord attachments and safety break. Material: Polyester. Colours: White, Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow, Cyan, Lime, Purple, Green, Pink, Light Blue, Brown, Silver, Red. Decoration Area: 300 x 15mm. Carton Size: 41 x 29 x 26cm

Luxor biz card holder

Premium quality chrome coated brass and leather case with magnetic closure. Holds up to 15 cards. Boxed. Material: Leather|Chrome. Colours: Silver/Black. Decoration Area: 40 x 25mm. Carton Size: 46 x 21 x 31cm

Executive business card holder

Leather look business card holder with easy opening slide function. Holds up to 15 cards. Boxed. Material: Leather Look. Colours: Black. Decoration Area: 50 x 20mm. Carton Size: 45 x 22 x 26cm

Executive weather station

Slim line aluminium forecasting multifunction desk top item, features include calendar, alarm clock, 12/24hr time display, temperature, digital hygrometer and 12hr thermometer trend. Includes two AAA batteries. Boxed. Material: Aluminium. Colours: Silver. Decoration Area: 70 x 15mm. Carton Size: 31 x 30 x 31cm

Delta pen holder

Handy desk top item with push-button pop out drawers for storage. Functions include count down timer, alarm clock, calendar and temperature display. Includes battery. Boxed. Colours: Silver/Black. Decoration Area: 35 x 25mm. Carton Size: 50 x 41 x 39cm

Business card wallet

Leather like card wallet with 8 sleeves, finished with a stainless steel branding badge. Holds up to 15 cards. Boxed. Material: Leather Look|Stainless. Colours: Black/Silver. Decoration Area: 50 x 10mm. Carton Size: 45 x 21 x 31cm

Countdown timer

Stylish timer with stand. Boxed. Colours: White,Silver. Decoration Area: 50 x 10mm. Carton Size: 41 x 34 x 39cm

Alarm clock & pen holder

Save some desk space with this integrated pen holder and alarm clock with C/F temperature function. Batteries included. Colours: Silver/Clear. Decoration Area: 45 x 22mm. Carton Size: 45 x 33 x 40.5cm

Travel set in pouch

Relax while travelling with this soft nylon eye mask and foam earplug set, in a clear PVC carrying pouch. Colours: Grey. Decoration Area: 70 x 30mm. Carton Size: 39 x 25 x 18cm

Shoe polish kit

Look your best from head to toe. Shoe polish, brush, shoehorn and cleaning cloth. Colours: Black. Decoration Area: 65 x 35mm. Carton Size: 43.5 x 39 x 40cm

Conference pull reel

Stainless steel chrome case with frosted plastic body. 58cm retractable cord. Material: Stainless|Chrome. Colours: Blue, Clear. Decoration Area: 15 x 15mm. Carton Size: 23 x 13 x 33cm

Small PVC card holder

Essential conference item. Material: PVC. Colours: Clear. Decoration Area: 80 x 50mm.

Large PVC card holder

Essential conference item. Material: PVC. Colours: Clear. Decoration Area: 80 x 50mm.
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